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Steel City King is best described as Boardwalk Empire meets The Sopranos. This historical drama, that begins to unfold in the Prohibition-era of 1922 Pittsburgh and continues through three decades, following the exciting exploits of Gus Greenlee (Russ Green) an African-American who gravitated to the Hill District of Pittsburgh after WW1.
RUSS GREEN (Chalky White type) - age 27 to 51, Black male, Tall, broad shouldered and thick set, walks with an elaborately carved cane, a Charismatic with a commanding presence, he dresses in only the best clothes and is seemingly never seen without a large cigar, kind and generous by nature but capable of using any means necessary to protect his business interests.

SAL LUCCA (John Gotti type with brains) – age 35 to 59, White male, Sal has salt-and-pepper hair, a dignified bearing and is always elegant in appearance but is as cold blooded as they come. Owner of an illegal Brewery he is a trusted, longtime partner of Russ

BOOGIE JOHNSON – age 19 to 43, Black male, witty with a wiry frame, chiseled facial features and a long
scar on his neck from a bullet wound. Once a brilliant horn player he struggles to play due to his injury. Boogie is loyal to Russ but vulnerable to flattery and prone to reckless behavior.

MADAM GRACE – (Mo’Nique type) age 39 to 49, Black female, with a larger than life presence, she is the owner of the neighborhood speakeasy/brothel, which she runs out of her beauty salon. A mother figure
to Russ but has the respected of her peers in the underworld.

VITO LUCCA - (Joe Pesci from Goodfellas) – 19 to 27, white male, Vito is the nephew of Sal Lucca and works as his loyal assistant. Thin but built, strong Italian features and dark eyes. He is not very sharp mentally but ruthless and always ready to prove himself physically, in the role of an enforcer.

KIKI JORDAN – age 26 to 29, Black female. A buxom beauty and mistress of Russ. She’s from rough beginnings; her beauty carries a false sense of elegance and grace. Cunning and a temptress she gets what she wants by any means necessary.

PETER HOGAN – age 44 to 52, White male, clean cut with red hair. He has used his position as Chief of the Pittsburgh Police to make a fortune blackmailing Russ. A thoroughly unpleasant and unapologetically
corrupt cop.

CHARLES H. BRADLEY – age 50 to 58, White male. Good natured with an appealing sense of humor. Mayor Bradley has a good personal relationship with Russ but only allows him to operate unfettered while it's politically expedient.

DESI-RAY – (Billie Holiday type) - age 24 to 30, Black female. The sexy and very talented vocalist from the Hill District. Her addiction to heroin is the root of many personal and professional difficulties. Her soothing voice and vulnerability attracts many admirers and love interest. Singing and performing is her solitude.

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